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The Geriatric Care Consultants (GCC) are dedicated nurses with geriatric case management expertise.  We act as advocates for elders and their families and help them navigate the complex health and social services system.  We serve as independent consultants, advisors, and counselors to help the elderly and their families identify key issues and develop and execute cost effective care plans.  We are dedicated, compassionate health care specialists with years of experience in working with frail older adults with multiple medical issues and are also experts in dementia care.

Many of us have elderly family members who live independently.  They think they are doing fine, yet you (and others) know better.  They are more forgetful and accidents are more frequent.  They have difficultly coping with routine needs.  Problems that were once manageable now seem overwhelming.  You try to discuss the subject but are generally rebuffed. 

Eventually a sentinel event occurs that forces both you and your loved one to face the fact that their needs are increasing and you need professional guidance.

-Their health takes a sudden turn for the worse resulting in an emergency hospitalization or a negative medical diagnosis.

-After several accidents their safety at home is in question.  

-They are not taking their medications or are over medicating.

-Their needs are more complex than you can comfortably manage.

-You do not have the time to provide the level of attention your loved one needs.

-They are having trouble coping with one or more activities of daily living (ADLs)

-You and your family members cannot agree on the appropriate steps to take.

The Geriatric Care Consultants may be the answer.  We have extensive knowledge of the cost, quality and availability of services to meet the needs of the elderly.   A team from GCC can help their clients with the following services:

-Personalized and compassionate services which focuses on the individual's wants and needs also called "patient centered care"

-Accessibility-care is typically available 24 by 7

-Continuity of care management includes coordination of information between family members, doctors, other professionals and service providers

-Cost containment-inappropriate placements. duplication of services, and unnecessary hospitalizations are avoided